E-waste in developing countries causes several serious problems, mainly due to unprofessional, dangerous, and incomplete disassembly processes.

Some people attempt to earn money through e-waste by disassembling it and locally selling the metal and copper. The unprofessional disassembling process which is commonly used is a harmful and dangerous process for human health and for the health of the ecosystem.

The amount of electronics that organizations and people use is growing. At the same time, the life of equipment is getting shorter. This is creating a worldwide explosion of electronic waste.

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e-Waste Box from our sponsor

Ewaste Neutral Certified

The Ewaste Foundation’s aim is to decrease the e-waste problem in developing countries. We are a non-profit organization based in the Netherlands, though the scope of the Ewaste Foundation is global. Our donation partners, knowledge partners, and e-waste projects span the continents.


In short, we neutralize the fact that your used electronics, when given a “second life” in developing countries, will end up there as e-waste. By purchasing certificates and letting us address this problem, you take responsibility for this important aspect of the recycling chain.

Neutralize your ewaste footprint in three steps!

Ewaste first determine your footprint
Ewaste neutralizes and let you order
Ewaste gives you a certificate

We Neutralize the following Products

We provide an e-Waste Certificate for the following groups of products:


Computers Printers
Telephones Monitors
Cellular phones Televisions
PDA's DVD players
Switchboards VCRs
Fax machines CD players
Networking Radios
equipment Hifi sets

Who Can Benefit?


  • Producers remarketing their old products in developing countries.
  • Companies donating their used ICT equipment to charity or selling to traders.
  • Charity organizations donating reusable ICT to developing countries.
  • Traders of reusable electronic equipment.
Download our leaflet in Pdf here


Fill in the serial number to check if a certain piece of electronic equipment has been neutralized trough us.

Download our 10 Mb or 390 kB video.